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    Sorry it took me so long – the Park was Great! Really cool and different equipment, and very nice shade, so it was cool under the awnings. A great time was had by all! (No bathrooms yet though, so bring hand sanitizer for the port-a-potties!)

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    There is a huge and amazing new park in Zichon Yaacov, called the Park HaChadash with fountains. Trees are still young so there is only shade where the kids play but it is a very big area. Plenty of parking, toilets and grass for picnic and lots of space for riding skate boards or bicycles!! When it is dark fountains are in changing rainbow colors!!Sept 2013

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    Just want to add if anyone is in the north. The new park in zichron Yaakov is great. Has a large covers area for the playground which is divided into three age groups, a large field for picnics and ball and a little water fall sprinklers that only come on after 4pm. We really enjoyed it. You can put. חניה תיכון מושב, זיכרון יעקוב into waze to get there -17 April 2014

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