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    We had a really fun time here. At first it doesn’t seem like much – a few fields with what look like easy mazes but you work through each maze and gradually they get more difficult. Before Shavuot, they grow a special wheat maze – this one you can see where you are going and many people have already cheated as can be seen so it is easy to get out. Then you move on to a maze of string. Again, because you can see it, it looks easy but it was not! Then you move on to the biggest challenge and it really was a challenge. We were glad we had our water with us because it was hot, hard work! We liked that there were points to look out for along the way – not only were these fun to find but it meant you at least knew if you were going backwards or forwards! We had so much fun competing as a family. We actually did drag a buggy though it but I wouldn’t recommend it because it was not easy to do, and the child sitting in it won’t have much fun anyway – better to wait in the shade in the picnic area. They have a kiosk selling drinks and ice creams. Our 6-10 year olds loved it!

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