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    We visited recently (mid-July, in the middle of a serious heat wave!) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, with children ages 4 and 7 years (girl and boy). I was a bit wary of making a long drive in the heat for this one attraction, worried that the children would enjoy it for maybe 20 minutes and then we would be looking for something else to do, but we had to bribe them to get them to leave after more than 2 hours! The art activity was fun, and the kids really enjoyed peeking through eggshells at the developing chicks inside, but what they really loved was sitting on the ground holding and handling the adorable baby ducklings. (The owner said there are always baby ducks to handle–though it never hurts to call first, see more below about this–as there are as many as 3000 ducklings born here each week!) The owner is lovely, and at our request she shared her very interesting history at the duck farm. When we called to inquire about visiting, she helpfully suggested a time for us to arrive so that we would avoid a large group that had scheduled a tour in Arabic…so probably good to call ahead if you want to avoid a crowd and/or arrange a tour in a particular language. I am pretty sure she speaks English. Lots of picnic tables and they sell popsicles and drinks, which is always a perk for an outdoor activity in the heat. (2012)

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    Very cute idea but probably better when less hot! My children loved feeding and handling the ducklings and seeing one hatch…but it was a bit hot for them to take in all the information at the stops along the way. The tour ends with some really nice arts and crafts activities that they did with a lovely staff member – while the adults went into an air conditioned room for quite an interesting session about how eggs get fertilized…They had a small cafe area with complimentary coffee for adults and sold ice creams and drinks. A good stop off on the way to places up north.

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    we were there for 3 hours and had to leave if it was up to the kids they would have stayed longer. When i came in I thought blegh its stinks (all the barvazim) and what IS this but i cant explain, the atmosphere is SO nice there, you just dont want to leave

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    we went to Kfar Habarvazim – cute, nice staff, v hot, best bit was picking up ducklings.

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