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    LoveLoveIsrael Review:
    I went with three other friends to this Escape Room. It was our first ‘Escape Room’ experience (so I can’t compare it to others) and I think if anyone is considering trying out this trending pastime, this might be the perfect one to start with.
    Going down a pathway on a corner in Raanana’s Industrial area, you reach a locked door. Once buzzed in, we went up stairs into a narrow corridor where we were met by the owner and co-designer of this room. We soon learnt that their family had been to an Escape Room abroad and were so hooked on the idea that they came up with their own ‘room’ and decided to run it themselves in Raanana. As home-made as it did look, we were unsure what we had let ourselves in for.
    After some initial instructions, and strict removal of our phones, we were blindfolded and led into a room that was locked behind us…and the timer was set for an hour…
    At first the fairly sparse room looked unhelpful and empty of clues…but we soon started to find clues and ran around trying to unlock our way out. It was great fun and made a change from the usual night out. We certainly got frustrated and confused…at which point our ‘walkie talkie’ to external help came in useful without giving too much away. It was really fun and clever and thank G-d we made it out at 58 minutes…We would never have lived it down had we not got out within the hour!!
    Overall we all enjoyed and it has definitely made us all keen to try out the other escape rooms across Israel. Reminiscent of a really clever Bnei Akiva Tochnit I really recommend this.

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