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    We went on Chol Hamoed Pesach and it was terrible. Too few animals and too many people. Staff couldn’t manage with the numbers and animals were suffering. A donkey just collapsed while giving kids rides and rooster went mad and started pecking a little 3 year old girl standing by. As we were walking around the lack of staff supervision was just too noticeable. Even parents were cruel to animals. A dad was poking an Emu / Ostrich with a stick through the fence and of course all the kids around decided to do the same. Staff should asses their capability to protect their animals and only let the number of people they can handle in. Super disappointed of the cruelty to the animals at this place!

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    Was there with a 2, 3 and 5 year old and they all had a great time. As a general note though, I am not sure if kids above 8 would like it. But our 2 year old loved it, so def worth it

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    We’ve been there with kids aged 1-6. All enjoyed it. It is nicely done with lots of different activities – goat milking, baby animals (chicks etc) for petting, pita making, tractor ride to the cows, donkey rides, small gymboree, small zoo-like area. I think a 2 year old would enjoy it and it is worth the 20nis.

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    My girls have both been there with kaitnot, and enjoyed it very much.

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    Warm recommendation for Hachava shel Chava. We went with our twin boys, aged 3.5 and a baby and the twins had a wonderful time. The staff were all very friendly and accommodating.
    They have a train/tractor type ride that takes you around the farm/kibbutz to see the cows in the refet and back again. Watched a homing messenger pigeon fly off and return later on.
    They made pitot, fed a baby goat and held a snake, went riding on a pony and jumped on the jumping castle. Also watched a goat being milked by a lovely old kibbutznik lady called Chava 🙂
    There are 1+1 tickets available with visa.

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    Took over 1.5 year old to chava’s farm he LOVED it. it is a farm with a large petting zoo, gymboree and lots to see and do. i imagine it is good for kids up to ages 8-9. 45 minute drive from the gush

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    Highly recommend “Chava’s Farm” on Kibbutz Chofetz Chaim….perfect for kids aged 2-6. Lots of animals to see, pitta baking, bubble making, milking the goats, feeding the cows, a train ride round the kibbutz, donkey riding. Reasonably priced too. Small and contained enough for it not to be overwhelming….

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