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    My parents took my kids last summer when they were 3 and 5 and they loved it. Very different from chava’s farm as it harvest themed, not animal themed. When they went in august they picked grapes and made there own tirosh, plus a tractor ride and pita making. They went at 5pm to avoid the heat of the day and spent about 2.5 hours there. Worth it with the discount vouchers

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    To clarify its not in Mazkeret Batya, its just outside the East entrance, about 5 mins further along the road towards Hulda

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    We ended up going today and it was perfect for my 3 year old… There weren’t any oranges but she enjoyed finding the ones they tied to the tree…. We were there for 4 hours… Definitely think it is for younger kids only….

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    Dont go! we got there close to 11 . waited 45 minutes for an explanation of things – in the meantime there was a big bouncy castle that younger kids were scared of (there were much older kids on it) and a dance party why someone was hosing people down (again, scared the little kids) – during the explanation we were told that they were out of oranges so tied oranges to the trees yet when we went into the fields where there were no oranges on the trees – when we complained we were told that there were tons of other things to do – fought with them for a good 20 minutes – when the owner finally had the workers put oranges up for us to cut down – kids enjoyed 10 minutes of cleaning and squeezing oranges – 17 people 525 shekel wasted! (home before 3)

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    We have friends from Mazkeret Batya who say it’s nice for them locally but they would not drive specially

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    I’ve been. It’s fun but you can really only hang there for a few hrs. Look for a groupon or something bcs it’s not worth the full price. Also all the extras cost extra-donkey ride, pitta baking (I guess tbey won’t have that on pesach)…

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    We were there years ago…picked grapes and made juice / wine out of them. Kids loved it

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