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    For all those out of Israel who are trying to book a Coca Cola tour on their horrible booking website, I was told to book by email or call 036712464 when you get here

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    We went during Pesach in 2015. It was not easy to get hold of tickets – we had to be very quick and got lucky to get 7 tickets together one day of chol hamoed. It was so worth the waiting on the phone/getting online!!
    Firstly it was free, and secondly whereas it usually has a strict age restriction of age 8, for this there was no restriction. People were there with babies but it was not worth bringing such young children really.
    You have to park in a car park, and a bus takes you to the factory. Each bus was a different group and they took you through some of the rooms for the official tour, learning about the process and then you get to a large room that this year was circus themed – giant elephants made out of recycled bottles, there was a show and there were activities like making things our of recycled coke cartons, trying to get the cans to all over, and more. All connected to circus and to recycling. Each time a child completed an activity they received prizes and clicked them off on a card to get more prizes. It was so well done. There was even KLP food available and a circus show.
    Highly recommended! Upto age 10/11 (if they haven’t been there before)

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    They won’t commit to english tours because they have very few english speking guides and if one calls in sick, they don’t have backup. but they will put down the request, and in any case most of the tour is media and movies that are available in English even if the tour guide is a Hebrew speaker.

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