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    It’s forbidden to enter the water in ein avdat as it is reserved for the animals as a drinking source. The park is beautiful but it’s relatively short, so maybe not worth the drive just for that.

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    Ein Avdat is a great trail with small kids, done it a few times with toddlers, fine as long as you hold them or put them in a pack for the very last section near the waterfall, great little kid friendly trail even if you don’t. There is an upper section for adults and older kids that includes climbing up stairs hewn into the cliffside, do not do this with under 10s! If you want to get the view from above, when you finish the canyon bed trail, drive back to the main road and drive south a little ways, there is a second entrance to the Ein Avdat reserve with a lookout area above the canyon, absolutely gorgeous.

    In the same area visit Ben Gurion’s tomb, beautiful views over Nahal Tzin, and there are hiking trails there too. Ask at the Ein Avdat visitor’s centre near the car park at Ben Gurion’s tomb.

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