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    went today to ijump – thanks to all the enticing posts we have read over the past few months – we had a fabulous time in petach tikva. thanks to everyone who put useful and enticing info on that.
    Registration, online sign up of waivers and time reservation was easy peasy to arrange but there are a couple of potentials snafus. First it looks like you cant buy leumicard 1+1 or groupon AND make a timeslot reservation – its either save-money or save-time. But most concerning is the number of kids allowed to jump per size of the place – way too many people or way too small place. some kids bounce and wander from one tramp to another and some are trying out for olympics with run-ups and all sorts of springs – right on top of the wanderer bouncers 🙂 oops.

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    I went with 3 teenagers . We all jumped ( myself included)for the hour and had a great time! An hr is certainly enough time! Tons of madrichim around to help , guide and make sure everyone is abiding by the rules . We went at 4 on Monday and it was empty. Started to fill up afterwards. I suspect as more and more people find out about it it will get more crowded.

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    You must call first. I called and there was no answer but my girls were really excited to try it so we decided to just go and give it a try. Bad move. We got there at 8 and they had just received a huge bunch of teenagers and there was no way my girls could jump until 9. Of course we didn’t wait. It looks great but we’ll definitely not go wihout calling first next time!

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    We were there last week 2 6yrolds and we paid 25 NIS for each of them .There is a separate area for the younger kids and amazing staff who are constantly watching to make sure the bigger kids dont come into the segragated area. DEF worth a trip and we would def go back !!!!

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    I highly recommend I jump in Petach Tikva. Particularly for families looking for something to do with tweens, teens and twenties. It’s so fun. We went last night btw 9 and 10 pm. My husband and I were the only adults jumping and the rest were tweens/teens who were well behaved and there are many workers supervising and enforcing the safety rules but in a nice way. Not cheap (50 shekels for the first hour per person) but worth it. It looks like they are in the process of setting up and that in the near future there will be more “stuff” climbing wall, etc. So perhaps it may be worth to wait but I wouldn’t smile emoticon cuz it is fun already

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    We took our kids to ijump. 20 minutes later we were heading to the ER at Schneider Hospital to have five stitches put into my son’s lip.

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    My husband and I both jumped. I must say that I did get a little bit injured as so did he but we had fun…

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    We went to iJump yesterday and want to point out a few things. It was really great fun but kids can get hurt so be careful. There are loads of staff watching but it doesn’t stop a kid from jumping onto yours or from yours falling badly. Go as early as you can. We arrived at 3 and it was reasonable. We left at 5 and it was heaving. Way beyond the number of kids I would feel safe with. There are no lines, it’s a big warehouse with tons of connected trampolines and kids just move around at will. It worked really well surprisingly, but when crowded it seems a bit mad to me. Don’t get me wrong, I recommend it, just beware. Also, don’t stay for more than an hour. My kids were having so much fun I splurged and bought a second hour. But they were so worn out from all the jumping and running around that you aren’t so much in control of your body and can fall badly. In my humble opinion.
    Other points:
    I like that you don’t have to pay for non jumpers. And you can roam freely and be part of the fun right next to them, take videos etc. I had a baby in my arms the whole time and I actually enjoyed the experience. I was (almost) by myself with 4 kids aged 10, 7, 6, and 8 months. We had company and some help but I really could have managed on my own.
    Definitely fill in the forms and watch the video before you go. Checking in takes a while, especially as the people in front of you take a long time too. Took us at least twenty minutes to get started, even though I filled the forms online beforehand.
    You don’t need socks or anything, you go barefoot.
    Pretty easy to get to and plenty of close, free parking.
    Oh, also, make sure to call first. They say they are open from the morning but they were closed for camps. Yesterday they only opened to the public at 1

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