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    Had an amazing experience visiting the center recently. It is a privilege being able to work with dogs. I highly recommend visiting Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind.

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    Wonderful center . Wonderful work . We have a wonderful dog that is now ours after finishing her guide dog service

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    We visited the center over Sukkot with our children and loved it!

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    Our visit to your training centre was one of the best visits that our group of over 50 people have made in Israel. We have visited many places throughout Israel but our visit to see your work at the IGDCB ranks right at the top

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    Hi everyone, Recently a comment (since removed) was posted about a visit to the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. I am the woman who gave the tour and I would just like to make a few comments.
    The IGDCB is NOT a museum and NOT a tourist center. We are a working establishment with the express purpose of raising and training noble, loyal, intelligent creatures to serve as the eyes of a visually impaired individual. We are a beautiful pearl in the heart of the country, the results of 30 years of learning and growing and striving. Our grounds are beautiful and clean and well designed (which I point out in every tour).
    We invite visitors for the express purpose of showing them the center and explaining how guide dogs can change the life the blind 180 degrees! If visitors come when there are dogs being trained, they are allowed to watch and the process is explained, but if they come when the dogs are not in training at the center (as they were that day), they don’t. We cannot disrupt our training schedule for the benefit of visitors (we used to, and it doesn’t work). Likewise, we used to let visitors interact with the dogs but we found that the dogs became stressed, so we stopped that too. So if that means that the place “has gotten worse” as someone commented, I would beg to say that we have gotten better because our primary concern is for our clients and our dogs.
    When I give my tours, I spend almost 1.5 hours EXPLAINING about many facets of training (including my own demo of how we teach dogs to lead their handlers around obstacles), about the life of the dog (puppy to retirement), the history of guiding/guiding in Israel/ the Center itself. And I always ask for questions if anything is not clear.
    We exist due to the kindness and generosity of the public as less than 10% of our budget is covered by any government funding. We want visitors to come and see the “mitzvah” that is being done here day after day and “spread the word” to their friends. I truly hope that no one who read the “review” will decide NOT to visit the center as a result. I thank those who supported us with their answers (cannot see who they were anymore to thank personally, unfortunately). We host “open-house” tours during vacations to give the public a wonderful chance to see miracles in the making. I hope you all come to visit.

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    We so enjoyed this today! Have ages 2- 72 to entertain and all were happy here… Not an easy feat.
    Went to the Ayalon Bullet factory afterwards (10 min away) and enjoyed that too.

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    I called them. They are (not surprisingly) booked through August, although they were happy to take my name in case of a cancellation. Just a note: It is really only for kids aged 10 and up, and adults. The people were lovely to speak to.

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    Hi!I’m one of the volunteers who give tours there. It’s definitely worth a trip: very inspirational and educational too! If you can’t get space this summer, there are also tours during Hol Hamoed Sukkot, Hanuka and Pesach. Good to combine with Machon Ayalon, which is about 10 minutes away.

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    We went on the tour. I have 3 kids (12, 10 and 8) who absolutely loved seeing the labradors and most especially the puppies. We weren’t allowed to touch the puppies though as they hadn’t had all their innoculations. Downside – kids nagging us for a dog now!

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