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    We havebeen at Kfar Kedem twice now. We take our grandchildren from the States as part of a trip to Israel around theor Bar or Bat Mitzva time. It’s a wonderful time. The guide,Amir, is friendly and gentle and knowledgeable. He relates well to everyone including and especially the children. It’s an opportunity to try milking a goat, aking cheese, riding donkeys, and learning about grinding wheat into flour. All as one done in the times of the Mishna. (After the destruction of the 2nd Temple) eg 200 CE or so.

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    We had an unbelievable time at Kfar Kedem mostly due to our AMAZING guide, Amir.
    We got dressed up, milked goats, made cheese, grinded wheat, and to top it all of we made delicious pita breads with chummus.
    We highly recommend Kfar kedem
    With Amir because he was so knowledgeable and kid friendly.
    We had an awesome time!!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!

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    I also forgot to mention how great it is that it’s only about 2 hours from Jerusalem. We liked how we were able to go a little north and still keep it as a day trip.

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    I wanted to post about the great experience we had this past January in the LOWER GALIL. We first went to KFAR KEDEM and had a great time learning about the original way bread was made, then making our own pita and dipping it into a hyssop dip. We sheared a sheep and spun the wool into thread. We also make cheese, had some amazing tea along with fresh delicious pita, dips and cheese in a cozy heated tent, and went for a cute donkey ride- which were all the activities available in January. Our guide was amazing at navigating us through the on and off rain so even though it rained very hard at times, we did not get wet at all.

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    We’ve been to Kfar Kedem with a 2 year-old and we’ve been with a group of toddlers to teens, something for everyone. Little kids will especially enjoy the donkey rides, you can feel like a real biblical family leading your little ones mounted on a donkey through the path in the adjacent woods.

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    We went to Kfar Kedem, which is nice. U get a guided tour of the place. Includes milking a goat, making cheese, riding a donkey…

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    Our girls are almost 7, almost 5 and almost 2. We went to Kfar Kedem in Mitzpe Hoshaya. We dressed up in clothes from time of Mishna, saw sheep shearing, goat milking, cheese making, agricultural toole, made pittot, donkey riding and a treasure hunt. Book before you go. Starts at 11 and we left at 3 after picnic lunch.

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