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  1. 5.0

    אנחנו נמצאים כאן עכשיו,זה המקום הגרוע ביותר שהייתי פעם.רעיון טוב וזהו.שום דבר לא מתוכנן,לא מאורגן,זוועה!!!

    לא ממליצה בחום!!!

  2. 5.0

    You go to the supermarket and buy whatever shufersal brand ¥ at least 50 nis₪ . At the cashier when you pay… you order as many tickets as you need ( up to 6 per buy). So they charge you and give a note that you change at the customer service (in the supermarket) for the tickets. Really not complicated. Enjoy

  3. 1.0

    we were there yesterday and hated it :(……our kids were or too big or too small for most things. they are 5 year old triplets. the line ups were long, adults took up too much activity space.

  4. 5.0

    15 July – We just loved legofun. 2 11 and 13 yo lego freeks. Also the parents had fun. Not too crowded anf reasonable price thru shufersal sale 39 nis

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