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    Huge thank you to whoever recommended Torah scribe Jamie Shear and his scribal workshop in jerusalem. Children, parents and grandparents all thought it was an absolutely amazing and special afternoon. It would be a perfect activity for a bar or bat mitzvah trip.

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    Jamie is awesome! Highly recommend

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    My teenager loved it!

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    Thanks to recommendations on here we had a lovely time with Sofer Jamie Shear at his new sofer workshop in the Old City. Firstly the ‘Fifth Quarter’ is brand new and in its building stages and looks set to be a fascinating gallery to visit in the near future. It will soon house Jewish artists including a tallit weaver, sofer workshop and other Jewish arts and crafts. For a short time he is running sweet workshops for children, explaining a Sofer’s job and how to write like a sofer. The children learnt a lot and sat attentively. It was a privilege for us all and meaningful for a visit in the old city.

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