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    majrasa is great ! we had a good time we went with are 4 to 12 year old kids and they all loved it . we held our 4 year old for some of the parts it not very deep and that was good the rocks were tricky but it was great.

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    Just letting you know: We did the Majresa water hike in the Golan (it’s the beginning of the Golan, closer to Tveria), and it was great! We have a 2.5 year old and a 5.5 year old and they loved it. They wore floaties just in case but there was no need. There were a few parts where we held our 2 year old but that’s it. You need to get there early because they close the hike if it gets too full of people. The scenery is beautiful. There were organized bathrooms, a place to wash off shoes, changing rooms and everything was clean. Places to eat lunch, organzed parking and a place to buy artikim. You need a car to get there.
    Pesach 2016 שמורת טבע מג’רסה נחל דליות

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    In addition, the earlier you go, the clearer the water is and the better you can see the rocks underfoot. Last year we went early before the crowds. This year we went late (4pm-ish) and it was still quite crowded, but manageable.

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    Go as early as you can to avoid the crowds!

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    We did Majrasa on pesach with our kids- my husband had to hold our two year old the whole time, and it was kindof scary with the kids- there are lots of trees and branches in the water that make you tread very carefully- and I slipped at one point, after which my kids (6 and seven) wanted to come out. There is a walking path, but it’s kind of boring, though you can go into the natural pool at the end. The water may be shallower this time of year, but I wouldn’t do it alone with such young kids.

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    Did Madrasa with my 4 yr old and 18 month old. It was fantastic. We carried the younger one and the water came up to my 4 yr olds waist. It’s completely in the shade. Well recommended and free entry with national park membership

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    The madjrasa is always a winner!. Bring tubes for the little kids.

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    Definitely do the madjrasa — we did it for the first time this summer and it was fantastic!

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    We did the Madrasa and the Banyas with a 2 and 4 year old recently and they were both fantastic

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    We did the tiyul at Majrasa – lots has already been posted about it on this forum but just to say it is highly recommended and the 2 year olds part walked and were part carried which worked fine.

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    2014 -not much rain in the past year so my 4 year old could walk the whole thing although it got to his chest level. He loved it, although we carried the 2 year old. It was short (half an hour) and great fun. Also not as busy as I heard it has been other years (due to less people on holiday this year).Highly recommend for young and old! Crocs were fine, just tread carefully as the riverbed is rocky. There is a picnic area/toilets and a kiosk.

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