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    We went to Mei Kedem near Binyamina. Ancient underground water tunnels. My 4 1/2 year old loved it and could walk through almost the entire tunnel by herself. Fun, cool adventure

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    We were also there. If you have a parks membership you get a 10% discount – close enough to combine it with a trip to Caesaria or Zichron.

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    Went to the Mei Kedem water Cave in Binyamina. Was short and to the point. There was a film and then half an hour walking in a water cave. Kids aged 3-12 loved it. There are tables for picnicking. It was perfect for a half day out. At some points the water went up to the adults middle and the little ones needed to be carried, but most of the time they could walk. Take a change of clothes!!

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    We went to Mey Kedem in Binyamina. The water tunnels. You need shoes that you can walk in water (I had flip flops but wasn’t ideal) torches & change of clothes. I believe you need to book before hand, even though we didn’t but were lucky & didn’t have to wait long for an english tour. It wasn’t that expensive too, Adults 24 & kids (under 18) 18. A lovely time was had. It is near Zichron Yaakov and lasts approx 1 hr.

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    We went there. We were all very excited – had the water shoes and torches at the ready…..sadly my girls would not go further than 5m inside the tunnel……so my husband in the end just went with our son…..bit annoying considering we’d bought 5 tickets!
    Some advice – definitely have a torch with you, and definitely wear water shoes or sandals that will stay on your feet. The water at its deepest went up to just below my husband’s waist.

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