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    I would add for accuracy, there is a female and male toilet (.2 separate toilets) by the pool, sauna and three Jacuzzi’s. There is also a toilet block nearer the tents which has about 3 male and 3 female toilets and if memory serves two showers. Glad your experience is getting better each posting.

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    Sarah Kaye- Ok. There are swarms of little children; blaring uncensored pop music, lifeguard is smoking and drinking; no easy access in and out of pool; one toilet!!!! I will let you know how supper goes. My 15 yr old is furious with us. And I almost went into labour on the bumpy pot holed road on the way in
    Joel Kaye- I disagree – it is too early to judge – I will say it is not appropriate for an 8 month pregnant 44 year old. More to come tomorrow. The air and view is fantastic!!!
    Sarah -Ok. I am amending initial post. I think this place is very nice IF you have younger kids and if you are not pregnant.

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