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    Pantry Packers. Ok. I think this was the nicest, best, most fantastic ‘chessed’ task ever. The adults and kids were having the most amazing time…(everyone went to kiosk to donate after despite no one even asking once)…there’s a small toddler area on the side in case your toddler gets bored (which may not happen, mine made it until almost the end)…the adults and kids got so into it was really fun and lotsa’ tasks for different ages ‘n stages of life…the only 2 things to bear in mind if you go is 1) It is IMPOSSIBLE to find. We were like ‘right there’ and still couldn’t find it.Part of our group had gone ahead and led us there along with the guy on the phone 2) you may not need the full 90 minutes allotted. We were ready to wind down at about 75, but the extra 15 minutes we used anyways for fun…It was SO SO SO much fun…

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    Our 4 year olds were very productive sticking on labels and stamping the use-by-date, filling boxes and pressing the button to fill the rice machine. It just means you have to be a hands on parent, not necessarily a packer. To read about babies – look at the link above. Don’t go if you just have small kids, but for sure take small kids along if you are going with bigger kids.

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    My two year old liked it. Warning the place is not air conditioned

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    I took my 16 month old. He crawled around and climbed on stuff and had a grand old time. I think I was less productive with him around though! They were really welcoming and friendly, as long as he didn’t touch the rice, which they were trying to keep hygienic. If yours will sit in a stroller there was plenty room to park a stroller by your work station. Also, there was a little room with tables and chairs and coloring supplies where we took the littlest ones for cookies after about 45 minutes, while the big kids kept working.

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    Its great. For all ages. Indoors. In Talpiot.

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    We did it and my kids loved it!

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    My five year old enjoyed herself, but if you go with little ones, you need some older ones to balance it out.

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    My two oldest girls went to volunteer there a month ago and they enjoyed it immensely! They are 16 and 14 but I can see all ages enjoying (maybe from age 3 on…) Tizku le’mitzvot!

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    The kids label the bags with stickers and a stamp, they scoop rice from a huge bag into a bin, then from the bin into the machine. They hold a bag around the spout and another kid presses the button on the machine and the bag fills up with rice. Another kid pushes the bag through the sealing machine. Someone else builds boxes, someone counts how many bags- 30 bags in a box. Someone else can seal the boxes and pile them up. There can be a job for a supervised 2 year old through adult. It was really fun.

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    My feedback: I had a bit if trouble finding the place without waze but after we finally got there, it was great. I had my 21 month old baby with me and I was not made to feel unwelcome in the least. I definitely was less productive but there were 9 people in our group so it didn’t matter. And my little one pressed the button to make the rice pour in to the bag which she loved! It was different work than I had been expecting, I think I thought we’d be packing boxes with a variety of food. But it was great to take one product from the sack and completely get it ready to be sold (at 30% the price it is sold in the store) or given away. We took the rice from the sacks and put it in the machines. Then we put the rice into the bags (which we labeled and stamped for expiration.) Then we sealed the bags, loaded and sealed the boxes so it was all ready for distribution. Amazing!!! My kids really enjoyed it and also took pride in knowing that needy people would benefit from their work. And then we went to the new sprinkler park and had a great time there.

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