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    2014 was here today, kids had an amazing time, this is probably the best park i’ve ever been to, and i’m comparing to the us and canada too!

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    August 2014 – Not sure if this was discussed yet, but we stayed near Karmiel at Har Halutz (lovely tzimmers with a small pool) and enjoyed 2 parks in Karmiel: Park Hamishpacha which has an entrance fee, but you can enter the sprinklers and picnic area for free. It wasn’t as crowded as pictured on the website ┬áThe entrance fee is 25 per person but we had a large group so it was 12 NIS per person. They have a soccer field, maze, mini-golf, bowling (but with a soccer ball, not a bowling ball), cool climbing mitkanim, a gymboree with a ball pool, and nice playground equipment-our group included kids from 1-17 yrs old, so everyone found something to do. We also went to Park Hagalil, which is very close to Park Hamishpacha. It is a renovated quarry. We didn’t spend a long time there, but there is a nice waterfall (but you can’t go into the water). On our way back home, we stopped and explored the burial caves in Beit Shearim which was interesting. (There were 6 brides taking pictures there, with some even taking pictures in the burial caves…a little weird, but my daughter loved looking at the brides). We ended the day at the “katif atzmi”-pick your own fruits (figs, raspberries, pitaya) and vegetables at Sde Yaakov-good activity for the end of the day, as I’m sure it was really hot there in the middle of the day.

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