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    Terrible and sad. The horse they have for the pony ride, his face was completely covered with a burlap sack, he couldn’t see anything, and they just pulled him around in circles with kids on his back. It was really upsetting to see.

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    Horrible. Parrots kept in cages, wings clipped so they cannot fly….we did a u-turn and left because it failed to meet basic animal welfare standards. I would say avoid but it was so empty that I think people are avoiding it anyway.

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    Love LoVe LOVED! We went September 1st, so it was pretty empty, and I cannot attest to how it is during high season, but our experience was fantastic. My parents and my toddler thoroughly enjoyed. It is NOT just a Parrot farm. There is an area filled with birds that come and sit on your shoulder, there is a (very old and kinda dirty, but toddler didn’t care) play area, there is an art corner, pony rides and a petting area with rabbits, turtles, etc. There are also farm animals in an enclosure you can go into, and what we found to be fantastic was the goats and sheep were extremely friendly, which isn’t always the case.
    We went on our way back to Jerusalem from Tiveria, and it was a perfect midway point.
    Also a major point, it is completely shaded, which is excellent in the hot seasons.
    Also, there are picnic tables to eat on (noting this because we didn’t bring food because we weren’t sure how it would go with birds flying around).
    The only slight downside was the parking lot is sand, which is hard to push a stroller through. Definitely don’t bring an umbrella stroller, just a good sturdy one.

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    My daughter loves it. We’re been there several times. Gets very crowded at the weekends but we have been there on Sundays and have had the place to ourselves.

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    Went to the Parrot Farm in Kfar Hess Friday afternoon. It was great, the kids loved it. Especially my little one who was thrilled to hold a real bird!

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    Don’t go to the Parrot Farm this week, when it is free (free on some chagim). It gets beyond full and it’s absolutely dreadful. Go another time – it’s a great place!

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    Review of the Parrot Farm-Kfar Hess. Great for 4 year olds, very unsophisticated, but very good value for money for little ones! Pony ride, pitta making & clay for modelling all included in the entrance fee !Altho it opens at 10:00am activities only got going at about 11. Definitely worthwhile PS there were lots of grannies there too !!!

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