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    Did a great tiyul here during pesach, avoided the crowds in the gardens themselves and stuck to the trails in the “nature park”. The blue trail, the shortest, was perfect with our kids (aged 2-7). Beautiful views, well signposted, probably about an hour all the way round. (Not for buggies though, is just a path, and hilly/rocky in places.)

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    We went to Ramat Hanadiv in Zichron Yaakov today. It is a huge park, Nature reserve. There are beautiful gardens, the graves of Baron Rothchild and his wife and son, stunning flora, ponds, a fun playground (for kids of all ages), a kiosk, dairy restaurant (kosher!), a footprint garden (didn’t get there…), gift shop (bought a few cute gifts), an auditorium with hourly movies about nature, and a tour (timetable posted there). Entrance free with several carpark areas. We spent 2 hours there (including lunch) and could have stayed another hour easily.

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    Left Ramat hanadiv after spending around two hours there. Was great. Did the gardens with the leaf booklet activity

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    We went to Ramat Nadiv -not far from Casareia. It is gardens that are absolutely beautiful and some were interactive for the kids! It was all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also a great swing playground ans a small area to play ball etc…

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    As promised ramat hanadiv comments… Went this morning with two three year olds and we had such a lovely 3 hours. Arrived around 11 played in playground then ate lunch in a gorgeous restaurant (kosher milky) reasonably priced and great menu. Best thing was comfortable outdoor seating and next to playground so children can come and go to table and play while you watch them. Really beautiful flowers and trees to see, a pind with fish, rose garden with fountains etc. free parking and lots of it. We didnt go to the educational part or video as i didnt think my children would appreciate it. So clean and lovely reminded me of a fancy garden that youd expect on an estate in England. Will def go again.

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    We went to Ramat Hanadiv gardens yesterday it was great. Although we have been there many times, we never had been in the butterfly garden, I heard about it because a post in this group, it is next to the restaurant. Thanks, kids loved it, there was an interactive audio information point with a educational story. On the way back the kids kept on talking about things they learned in the story. Well done, would warmly recommend it.

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