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    Sarona has a great playground but aimed more for age 5+ IMO and it’s quite shady but not great if it’s humid and hot. The market is beautifully done but only two kosher eateries if that’s an issue. I was quite saddened by that but it felt like a real European market in that sense. It’s all inside. There were a few kosher restaurants in the outside shopping area.

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    Kosher “Agvania”(pizza), plenty of open space to picnic and play, shaded and fun playgrounds, a great place to hang out with the kids for a while. Or with your girlfriends to look at the shops (not great), admire the project and have a coffee!! I’ll try combining both next time!

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    Ok, so I thought I’d do a write up in light of the underwhelming response! I went there yesterday with 2 easy-to-please girls and spent a really lovely few hours exploring the place. We drove to Shapirim where we got on the free bus that circulates in Tel Aviv – always an extra bit of fun for my lot. We then went to check out what was in Sarona. It’s not completely finished yet, so I reckon it’d be even better in a few months (years?) time – i.e. signposts on buildings always help. (We ended up going to the informative Visitor’s Centre just before we left, but it would have been far more helpful at the beginning!). Sarona, for those who were asking me, is the original name of the area where the German Templers settled in Israel north of Jaffa in the 1870s. It was taken over by the British, and then became the Kirya until more recently, when it was decided to combine redevelopment of the area with preservation of many of the original buildings. So what is there now? Lots of the original houses are now home to boutique shops, bars and restaurants. We had fun playing with puzzles in the Gaya shop, and exploring the interior of some of the other houses. We also discovered a home/restaurant where we had an introductory (6 min, 10 shekels) audiovisual experience in either Hebrew or English with background to the area. This took place in the house where the first mechanical production of olive oil in Israel was introduced – pretty interesting. The area itself is really wonderful to walk around and has been carefully designed and landscaped, including pretty fish ponds and walkways – a lovely bit of serenity in the heart of bustling Tel Aviv. There are places to eat and drink, mainly without a teudat Kashrut but not all, and a small, expensive markolet just next to the ice-cream parlour. There are also some nice picnic tables dotted around the area. Last but definitely not least, they have created two amazing playgrounds for kids – one more suitable for toddlers, and one for approx age 4 upwards. My girls had lots of fun here and had to be dragged away. Oh, and thoughtfully shaded too – we managed in midday heat with no problem. Looks like there’ll be a cool food market there in the future, and that currently there’s various kinds of outdoor entertainment on some evenings. Hope that was helpful – enjoy (-: JULY 2014

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    my kids brought scooters and had a nice time scooting around while my husband and i enjoyed a meal. it is very chilled out there

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    It has a European trendy food market feeling, similar to borough market in London if that means anything to you but all indoors. And air conditioned!

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    We went with kids ages 5-12 and everyone was happy. Went to eat in the Azrieli centre and then walked across the road, walked round the market, also went into the cookie store which is really lovely but very very busy and then the kids played in the playground for ages. Was great, would definitely go back.

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    We went with kids 7, 5 & 2.5 and they loved the playground could have stayed longer lots of green space to run around, we also decorated cookies in the cookies store, they enjoyed walking around the food market, there is a kosher creperie, deli and bread shop as well as a kosher cafe Biga outside

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