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    We went today, a Friday, from 9 to 12 and had a blast. Our kids are 2 and 5. At 9, we were the only ones there and at 12, it was starting to b crowded but was still manageable. Easy access to lots of different food options in the mall and חצי חינם so that was convenient too. 25 nis per kid and adults were free.

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    If you go to splash i suggest you get there when it opens.. mad busy…

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    We went yesterday to the splash in Hod Hasharon, it was super crowded, they let in much too many kids. My children didn’t enjoy it at all ( 4,5y & 2y) it was also very dirty. It took me longer to find parking then driving there from Raanana. We arrived there at 11:00, maybe if you get there first thing in the morning it’s more enjoyable. Also the activities in the mall have been over crowded:(

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    Went there today with kids ages 4,6 and 9 all enjoyed and inside the mall you have the city mini which is great as well plus loads of cafes and restaurants all around too…

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    My kids ages 4, 6.5 and almost 9 loved it today

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    I think this place is perfect for 2-10 year olds. Older kids (upto 12) may enjoy if they are with younger kids to play with but not by themselves. No slides just lots of splash fountains with all kinds of designs and 3 big buckets that fill up and empty out every few minutes.

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    Parking in open car park next to mall. Cost 25 shekel for kids, no payments for adults. Of course bring swimming stuff or atleast a change of clothes coz your kids are going to get soaked.

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    You can buy a cartisiya. I went with another mum so we had 6 kids altogether. We bought a cartisiya with 6 punches for 120 shekel. Mums are free. Kids get a wristband and can come and go as much as they like. Ages 2-10 had a great time. Free parking in the canion. Mums get wet too, unless your kids are old enough to go to the wet area unsupervised.

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    I have spent various afternoons there with my 8 year old who loves it and with friends kids too. I think as long as you know in advance that it’s in a small area and that you’re not expecting a huge water park, it works. And that together with the WONDERFUL park next door is a great activity that can last a good few hours. Sorry your kids didn’t have fun.

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    So I will start off by saying that I wasn’t there personally–but- my husband took my kids ( 9,7 and 4) to splash on Sunday. They were so not interested that my husband ended up asking for his money back ( and to all our surprise actually got his money back!) my 4 year- old was excited about splash and wanted to stay but according to my husband the bigger kids that it was super lame and my husband happened agreed. Just say’n and very disappointed. I will also add that we usually spend our summers in America so the expectations were probably high.

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    Highly recommended Splash in Hod Hasharon! I was skimming through this group for ideas, and saw someone’s post with a video. We spent 5 hours total there. A few hours splashing (the place was empty), lunch in the mall, back to Splash, then half an hour in the playground next to Splash. All for 25 nis a kid. I went in as well, but there’s a nice seating area around the water. The 4 & 6 yo loved every minute (um, as did I) and we all were exhausted after!

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    We went on friday. Was great for 3-10 i think. Can buy pizza at chatzi chinam bext door.

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    We were there today too. Kids ages 10-1.5. my 10 year old got a little bored after a while. The rest of my kids were in heaven. Best of all is the חצי חינם next door!!

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    We went 8 kids between 11 and 1 everyone had a blast was there for hours could’ve stayed longer

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    Went yesterday with kids 10-2 .. everyone enjoyed! They went between splash and playground for three hours… inside the mall is great too !

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    I can’t tell you about the older kids but the younger ones absolutely.. last year 3 and 5 year olds loved it we planning on going again this summer. There is a another park right next to it also great and inside the mall they have an arcade place so plenty to do around there

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