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    Had a great morning in the taavura truck and transport museum today. After collecting the key from reception we let ourselves in and were the only ones there. Boys aged 3-6 years had a great time for 1.5 hours climbing in and out of the vehicles. Even the hubby enjoyed himself whilst I sat on a bench in the shade. Free entrance made a nice change for an nice activity!

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    And there is a short description by each truck with where the vehicle came from, what year, where it was assembled, who makes the motor, and I think possibly also some information about what the truck was used for. Most are from Israel’s pioneer days of building up the country so that’s cool.

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    Taavura. it is in lod (right on the border w ramle). where 44 meets up with 40. look up the directions online first b/c it is in an industrial area (and a bit confusing). you do need to ask for the key INSIDE the taavurah office.

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    I took 7 kids btwn the ages of 4-10 to the Taavura truck “museum”. Essentially it’s a big fenced in parking lot of a few dozen construction trucks from over the history of Israel. The children were allowed to climb in the trucks if they were “careful”. There is no cost, it’s free. They had a fantastic time, even the three that had already been. My husband figured out how to open the hoods of a few of the trucks as well, so we could check out the motors. Highly recommended. Not good for the summer, there is no shade.

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