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    OK so FYI I had an awesome day with my 7 and 9 yo sons in Ramle and Rishon Gan B’ivrit.. It was just me as hubby was at work – but to give hope to those with younger kids, these days do eventually get easier and enjoyable (of course i can only speak for two) As always reporting back, not cos we did anything amazingly new but good to have more info in this group when people search.
    Ramle: I know lots of people say that the boat ride in Ramle is short and underwhelming but it worked for us because a) it wasnt the only thing we did b) ages and nature of my kids + size of our group and c) I didnt build it up as a big thing. All they knew about the day was that they were going to end up at Gan B’ivrit with their bikes (a long awaited treat). NOte when we arrived at around 11 there was about a 10 minute wait and just a few people waiting. BY the time we left that had changed. So bear that in mind. After the Pool under the Arches we climbed up the tower (111 steps) which gave for a good view and sense of achievement.
    We then went on to the Taavura trucks museum. (Note the museum wasnt so easy to find — choose the Waze option that gives a street address rather than just Taavura Ramle) . Also you have to do this thing where you get the key by leaving your TZ at the office and then passing it on to someone-else. Maybe in peak season they’ll bother having someoone at the gate. Annoying but hey its free and my kids enjoyed.
    We drove from place to place and all in all i think we must have been about 1 hr 45 mins in Ramle. Museum was free but there were modest entrance fees for the Ramla tourist sites. (we paid 54 shekels all together – 2 kids 1 adult, 2 sites)
    Rishon: We then went onto Gan B’ivrit (about a 15 min drivev) which was crowded but doable (we found parking in an adjacent street). Kids had a blast cycling around the bike lanes and checking out some of the playground (I sat by rested and played family snap in my head looking at the Haredi families — seriously it wasnt just the kids in matching outfits this year, i swear some of the mothers bought in bulk as well)
    Note – Restaurant was Kosher for Pesach (didnt check teuda or kitniot status) and the water fountains came on at 4pm (which was a good way to top off cycling). They kept on for at least 40 mins — we left before they’d finished so thats different to other places like Teddy Park.
    Waze saved us lots of Chol Hamoed Heartache keeping us on the 44 rather than anywhere near the 1 (we came from Tzur Hadassah so thats relevant for Beit Shemesh and Gush peeps)

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    We did this with older kids. It was extremely cheap, nice and cool, but the rowing area is TINY. I thought it would be much bigger or have multiple rooms. We were the only ones there. We had a good time, but it is a 20 minute activity. We ate lunch at the park across the street.

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    Ramle is an excellent day out with the kids. Next time go to the shuk too and then for an Indian meal at Maharaja’s – yummy!

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    we had a real nice half day in Ramle today, I recomend from age 6 and upwards. 22 nis p/p ticket for small museum about Ramle (plus real nice old RH greeting cards exhibition), the white tower and waterpool from crusader times in which you can row. ALso went to the English cemetery from WW 1 where we saw Harry Potters grave

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    cheap but very very disappointing after they have ben doing shiputzim for 3 years – dirty, no explanations and not much fun for kids over 10

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    We went and I have to just add that my kids were very underwhelmed…

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    There are only about 3 boats ( not room for many more anyway). Nobody was waiting so we were in the water for around 45 mins. If people were waiting we would’ve gotten out sooner.

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    Indoor boating! My kids (6, 4, and 2) had a lot of fun. Older kids would like it also. Very low key, cheap activity. There is a playground across the street and lots of street parking available. Note- boat at your own risk – no lifeguard or personnel in site. Water is maximum 3 feet deep.

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    We had a great time in Ramla the other day. Took the train from Beit Shemesh, then walked to the Ramla museum, which displays ancient local findings as well as a “ma’abara” room, and memorial for fallen soldiers. My children were given a clipboard with age appropriate questions about the objects on display, which really kept them interested and they learned a lot! At the museum, we purchased a “meshulav” ticket for 12 nis only (!!!!) which included the museum, white tower and boat ride in the “breichat hakshatot” underground cistern (see photo), which was an unforgettable experience- like something out of a movie! To top it off, the woman at the museum had me scan the “tour ramla” app (in Hebrew), which took us around Ramla by foot, to all 3 attractions listed above, as well as many others in between. It was very informative, interesting and kept us on track! It has a built in GPS mechanism that showed us which direction to walk, and told us if we went off the track. Ramla is a pretty rundown city, there are buildings all over that look ready to collapse, and lots of poverty. But hidden in its midst are amazing places. My kids agree that this was the highlight of our summer so far! Highly recommended. btw, if you go on Wednesday, be sure to visit the famous Ramla market!
    On the way back to Beit Shemesh, we cut through Moshav Carmei Yosef, and visited Tel Gezer, which is just spectacular!!! See ancient gates from various perionds, including the time of Shlomo Hamelech (just as described in the book of Kings- 3 rooms on either side where the judges judged the people of the city!), a beautiful lookout point, an ancient water factory (apparently ancient Gezer supplied water to Ramla!), and more. We even caught site of a beautiful, huge white owl!!!! An amazing day, love this country!!!

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